Can we influence reality
with collective thought?

What is this About?

The Sesame Bagel Experiment is an attempt to measure the power of collective thought. The idea is to use Internet and Social Media to bring together the attention of as many people on a single object at the same time. The goal is to find out if physical reality can be influenced by the collective willpower. In this particular case we will try to move an ordinary bagel. Sesame Bagel. :)

So what's the Plan?

On a set date, November 11 at 11:11PM EST our live webcam will start broadcasting an ordinary sesame bagel in real-time. All visitors will be asked to concentrate their willpower on the bagel and imagine that it's moving into a set direction. That's about it. Then we'll see what happens...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who's behind this? We are a small team of curious nuts. Are you in?
Why are you doing this? Out of curiosity.
Is it some kind of a joke? No.
Are you crazy? Yes.
What happen if the bagel will move? How are you going to prove that it wasn't a staged trick? We can't prove anything. We just want to know if it's possible.
Don't you? If the bagel moves, many similar experiments will follow.
So what's the point? The point is to show the simplicity of collective consciousness research, and open new possibilities for noetic science.
How many participants are required? Let's find out. That's the whole purpose of this experiment.
What will happen if you do not get enough people on the set date? The new date will be set.


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